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Now this week episode opens up with Reddington putting on his nattiest duds and emerging from the hold of an aircraft carrier—head tilted back, the lenses of his sunglasses gleaming brightly—while “Sympathy For The Devil” playing in the background. I don’t know about you but it was pretty bad ass witness watching it. Then were off with the questioning back and forth with Red and Elizabeth because for some reason the FBI thinks that their must be something that Elizabeth must know about Red. One question being if Red was apart of Elizabeth childhood. Look I know everyone that watch the show thinks that Red is Elizabeth dad but I can’t help but to think that the show is trying to brainwash in thinking that matters to develop a better shocking twist. But Red sum it up and shut it down with a simple “You’re asking the wrong question.” Red explain, how their going to be big accident that gonna happen in 11am but he doesn’t have any idea what. Later we see that is a big train accident with over 35 people dead (ouch). On top of that he then lays his demands met by the FBI which at first failed.

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