Anchor Bay Picks Up Gina Carano Action Vehicle 'In the Blood'

THR Heat Vision:
Anchor Bay Entertainment is teaming up with Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment to release the Gina Carano action movie In the Blood.

Anchor Bay picked up the North American rights to the thriller, planning a limited theatrical release in 2014 plus a Blu-ray/DVD/VOD release to be jointly distributed with Fox.

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alycakes1875d ago

I hope she's taken acting lessons since her first movie because she really needed them.

medman1874d ago

Ouch aly...just ouch. She wasn't that bad. Then again, she didn't have all that many lines considering she was the lead.

alycakes1874d ago

She was bad even with the lines she had and the facial expressions and everything. She's a good fighter but she needed to learn how to act and express the character....sooooo bad