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The success of ABC's "Marvel's Agents of S.H.IE.L.D." seems to be rubbing off on the Mouse…

While the show had an impressive debut, resulting in the largest audience for a drama in four years, the network and studio seem to be wanting to generate more internal content from all these acquisitions. Remember that there was talk of a "Star Wars" television show for many years, and it was supposed to be a more mature take, a sort of "Sopranos" version of a galaxy far, far away reportedly titled: "Star Wars: Underworld". But George Lucas and Rick McCallum squashed those fantasies with the reality of how much it would cost to make each episode (up to five million per episode). Now with Disney's money behind it, many have hoped that those adventures might happen again.

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darklordzor1754d ago

This wouldn't surprise me in the least. If SHIELD can be successful, it would undoubtedly spark interest (again) in a Star Wars live action show. It would still be a ways off, but I hope it happens.