Review: 'Breaking Bad' Finale | Fate of the Game

From a historical perspective, Breaking Bad ended on a very tired and sappy note.

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gaffyh1750d ago

I think for the most part, but I would have liked if they showed a few things that happened after. It feels like they left a couple of things in the air, so if they do get another episode or whatever, they could still do one.

Leio1750d ago

It wasnt mindblowing as it used to be but was still perfect and stay true to all characters. 5/10 is just bullshit

abc12331750d ago

Fishing for hits I see.

ssb31731750d ago

I call BS. The author obviously has no idea what he's on about

gunnerforlife1750d ago

LOL bro you would of gotten a hit from me if you would of given it what it deserved! a 9.5 and above! no way i am going to click on your link with a 5!

i suggest no1 gives him a hit! he dont deserve it! 6 out of 10 for one of the Best TV show endings of all time? BULLSHIT!

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