George Clooney Says He "Destroyed" The Role Of Batman, Weighs In On Ben Affleck's Casting

The year was 1997, the movie was "Batman & Robin," and it nearly destroyed a franchise and George Clooney's career. The reviled Joel Schumacher entry was easily the worst of the post-Tim Burton Batman films, with the nipple suit only being the first of the many problems with the flick.

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ironfist921756d ago

Clooney gives himself a hard time. If looked at the film with a saturday morning cartoon show vibe, it isnt too bad. Schumacher also isnt entirely to blame as Warner forced him to make the film more kid friendly in order to sell make the film more marketable to children, and sell accompanying merchandise.

I mean, if you were told to bring coal, while the people wanted diamonds, you cant really blame yourself for doing what was asked of you.

Anthotis1755d ago

George Clooney destroyed Batman.

Christian Bale resurrected Batman.

Ben Affleck will bury Batman once more, and make sure he stays dead.

iamnsuperman1755d ago

I completely disagree here as we have no idea. This new role for Batman seems to be more wise and a lot older than we saw in the Nolan universe. I think Ben Affleck suits that more older wearier Batman who could be more man than suit now. Essentially training and helping Superman

What may destroy Batman is the quickness of such a film. They needed to slowly introduce Batman into this world (i.e. not tell anyone and have Ben Affleck appear in the film as Bruce Wayne nearer the end of the film). It seems Batman is being used to up the quality of the Man of Steal rather than making a solid justice league franchise.

Kurylo3d1755d ago (Edited 1755d ago )

ben affleck looking wise? he looks like a stoner. Sorry... lol And bales batman by the third film was an older retired batman until bain showed up. I mean he had bad knees, a bad back, a wart growing on the side of his nose (all prosthetic).. they made him look older on purpose.

Truth of the matter is this turn for batman will probably just be a more cartoony one to match up with a universe where superman is possible. Were going to throw being a ninja and detective out the window so that he could be the "iron man" of the dc universe.. lol. Just a more depressing not funny version of ironman.

I mean thats pretty much what they did with all the justice league cartoons. Hell they even gave batman jetpacks and hand grenades.

ssb31731755d ago

Thing is that we're not going to know how Affleck is as the batman until they release a trailer for it. Heck, many people thought that Heath Ledger was a bad choice for the joker and look what happened.

ssb31731755d ago

I reckon that Affleck will be a decent batman. He wont be as good as Bale or Kilmer but at least he'll be better than how Clooney portrayed Batman... atleast I hope he will