Airing News Review – Don Jon

When an actor says he wants to direct and does just that, it’s usually perceived as a vanity project. Just as typically, the result film up to the “vanity” part of “vanity project.” Luckily for moviegoers, that rule doesn’t apply to Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s feature-film debut as a screenwriter and director, DON JON (formerly “DON JON’S ADDICTION,” a better, more apt title given the central character’s problematic relationship with porn and the consumption thereof). It’s a remarkably assured debut for Gordon-Levitt, as natural behind the camera as he is (and has been) in front of the camera. DON JON is also a well-paced character- and performance-driven comedy-drama with a satirical bite, one part SHAME (albeit less serious-minded) and one part JERSEY SHORE parody (admittedly not difficult given the show’s built-in parodic aspects).

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