Watch All of Mortal Kombat: Legacy II Now


Machinima has brought online the full season of Warner Bros. Digital Distribution's Mortal Kombat: Legacy II which you can watch using the player below! To watch all 10 episodes, just use the 'Playlist' option in the player.

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Varzoth1754d ago

Hm wonder if it's worth watching? Guess I'll find out.


Trust me it is one of the web series ever even much better than almost 90% of garbage you watch on TV!

Varzoth1754d ago

Damn that was awesome, going to have to check out season 1 now.

darklordzor1753d ago

It was...okay. I really enjoyed it, but so much of it felt like a rehash of the last "season" without much actual fighting going on. In all it felt like a series of great setups without much of a payoff. Hopefully the next season will fix that, as long as it doesn't take another 2 years.

ssb31731750d ago

Wow, well that was unexpectedly good