TVF Agents of SHIELD Review: Welcome to Level 7


Allow me to start with an admission: I’m a HUGE Marvel fan. I have a picture of me and Stan Lee on my desk; I went to the Iron Man marathon this summer; I worked on, and have my name is in the credits, for two different Marvel games; and I own every Marvel hero movie released in the last six years on Blu-ray.

So you can imagine how excited I got when I heard they were working on a TV show about S.H.I.E.L.D. However, my excitement was matched by my confusion over how they were going to do a Marvel show without any of the main cast having super powers.

But apparently, Joss Whedon and Marvel anticipated this question from fans, as the preview for the pilot explained it all with one phrase: "not all heroes are super."

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alycakes1755d ago

Just as I was great. I knew the pilot would be mostly to introduce us to the characters and it did but it also gave us a pretty good story on top of that. I was very pleased with it and look forward with all the adventures to come.

coolbeans1755d ago

Dang it! Missed it last night.

hazelamy1754d ago

tomorrow night, tomorrow night, tomorrow night.
can't bloody wait. ^_^