TVF NCIS Review: Pardon for Parsons

This premiere episode of NCIS was aptly named "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot" - or "WTF." With the announcement of Cote de Pablo's exit from the series, writer Gary Glasberg had to scramble to plot out a decent storyline - and it showed. Intricate and detailed, this episode demanded our full attention.

It turns out Parsons was on a wild goose chase with his investigation of NCIS from the start.

He learned that he had been set to investigate them only to discredit the team because they were getting too close to the truth: that a terrorist group called "The Brotherhood of Doubt" had been forming partnerships with U.S. companies.

Their end game was to create destruction so that the companies could profit from the rebuilding.

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alycakes1760d ago

Can't wait to catch up on this one too. I hate it when I have to make choices.