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Dexter “Remember the Monsters?” Review | All That's Epic

ATE writes: "Time to take a step back and let the disappointment sink in…Well, that was it? After eight years of Dexter’s blood soaked antics, things finally come to a surprisingly, bloodless close."

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StarWarsFan1759d ago

I wonder if they'll bring this back one day like they're going to do with 24. Wouldn't that be cool? "5 years later"

-Foxtrot1758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

It would...


They do it so Season 8 never existed. Just have the start of the film open up with where Deb is holding Dexter at gunpoint from the end of Season 7 and instead of shooting LaGuerta she just slowly steps back, waits outside and breaks down over what she's done. Least then it won't be as bad as shooting LaGuerta herself and she won't become a drunken wreck and leave Miami Metro later on in the film like in Season 8

Dexter gets found out

Goes on the run

Deb gets put in charge of manhunt

Harrison stays with Jamie

Hannah comes back briefly for revenge NOT love

Dexter has to find a way of getting Harrison, taking down the new big bad if there is one and getting away in one piece while trying to stay one step of his own sister.

The End