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Prisoners opens with an opening monologue from Hugh Jackman and this really sets up his character as a devote man that sticks with Prisoners_Filmhis principals. Well kind of, because we get to see Keller Dover (Jackman) break from his principals and takes the law into his own hands when his daughter and her friend go missing. He is done relying on what he believes to be unreliable detectives. Hugh Jackman does a tremendous and disturbing portrayal of a man being torn to pieces by his own moral choices. We see a loving and frightened parent in him and we really want him to make good decisions while getting good results. Unfortunately we are given a realistic and grounded portrayal of a human making mistake. I say unfortunately because Prisoners is not an easy watch, it is disturbing and very, very realistic.

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Thanks I personally Did Not Love The Movie But Thanks For The Compliment On The Review By MovieBuff