Watch Christian Bale's Batman Audition in Val Kilmer's Batsuit


Warner Home Entertainment will release The Dark Knight Trilogy: Ultimate Collector's Edition on Blu-ray on Tuesday, September 24, but one of the special bonus features has already made its way online - Christian Bale's audition in the Val Kilmer Batman suit opposite Man of Steel's Amy Adams!

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iamnsuperman1707d ago

He looks like he smirks a bit when he says I am Batman

cyclindk1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

Smirk confirmed

Excellent smirk detector you have :)

Crazyglues1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

wow, but it's seriously is about the suit.. thank god they changed it.. because that suit makes even Christian Bale look like an idiot in a batman suit.. LoL

No wonder Val Kilmer's batman was so bad, it's the suit.. If the suit looks silly on your face it doesn't matter how good the performance --> batman fails..

I'm sorry but no amazing performance can get pass the suit.. look at Ben Affleck as DareDevil.. get the suit wrong and it's over, nothing can save it..

so it's a double edge sword, it works both ways, you need good suit and good actor..

Tskales1707d ago

Awesome. No wonder he got the part.

Bale did a great job as both Batman and his alter ego, Bruce Wayne.

The only let down was the voice.

darren_poolies1707d ago

I really didn't have any problem with his voice, don't get why people hate it so much.

Tskales1707d ago

He sounds like a crack addict.

Kurylo3d1706d ago

crack addicts are scary. Batman is scary...

FamilyGuy1707d ago

He sounds like a man that's masking his voice so he isn't recognized while in costume. The voice makes sense and even in every batman cartoon he's had a gritty voice that differed from his Bruce Wayne voice.

I don't see the problem.

Lord_Sloth1707d ago

The fact that his Batvoice sounds like he swallowed glass?

cyclindk1706d ago

I think we'd all just have liked for the animated batman's voice actor to play as batman if he fit the role, but the only way that would really be possible is if they made a fully "digital" cg rendered character in a live action film using his voice... do it!


would you like he do a Kermit the frog voice?

GenericNameHere1707d ago

That cowl made him look a little bit chubby. Did Val Kilmer also look fat in Forever?

Yi-Long1707d ago

Yeah, but in Kilmer's case, the suit wasn't really to blame for looking chubby.

shaun mcwayne1706d ago

I think he was chubby because he had just finished that movie were he was real thin, then got the batman role and had to beef up fast, they made a joke that the movie could be call fatman till bale shaped up a bit.

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