[Prediction] 'Prometheus 2' Is Not Going To Happen!

Evan Dickson of Bloody Disgusting writes:

Even with all of the flawed logic and character decisions (and there’s plenty of both) taken into consideration, I’m still a fan of Prometheus. I revisited the film on Blu-ray recently and aesthetically it really holds up, it’s an enormously watchable film. So while I’d certainly be down for a sequel, it’s a bummer to think that it’s probably not going to happen.

The reason? Momentum. It just doesn’t seem to be there anymore. Back in March there was a lot of back and forth about Damon Lindelof creatively painting the franchise into a corner and, regardless of where the blame lies (if indeed it lies anywhere), I sort of agree. Not from a creative standpoint, but a marketing one. I know that’s a weird place to operate from as a film fan, but hear me out.

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ajax171762d ago

I really hope they make a sequel. I would love to know more about the Engineers.

Garethvk1762d ago

The studio did announce a writer and Dark Horse has a comic coming so there is still some movement. But I agree, it would be nice for FOX to say 2015 Prometheues 2.

MilkMan1762d ago

If Ridley wants it to happen it will. Its all about money, not momentum. This isn't a vacation but a movie.
Besides I would assume at some point they would like to tie in the story to actually seeing aliens and maybe combating them and I feel that Prometheus 2 would have done this nicely.

andrewer1762d ago

Hope so, horrible movie. Started nice, got terrible.

LOL_WUT1762d ago

You really think FOX is going to pass up on this opportunity? They are already moving forward with a sequel. ;)

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