Clearance Bin Review: Gravity

Tristan Rendo of Clearance Bin Review writes, "When the trailer for Gravity started making the rounds a couple of weeks ago it, portrayed a seriously intense survival story set in one of the most hostile environments known to man: the vacuum of space. While a man vs. nature survival story is hardly new to film, the unique setting, sharp visuals and intense action looked prime to keep moviegoers on the edge of their seats and their blood pressure elevated."

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level 3601735d ago

Thought the trailer was absolutely stunning and riveting..

..but also have to ask if that sequence alone was the best bit of the entire film?

Should they have shortened or staggered the trailer footage into ( maybe ) small snippets so as not to take away from the crucial moment?

coolbeans1734d ago

I'm still supremely hyped to see this (especially after reading some of the other reviews).

aDDicteD1730d ago

the only way to watch this with good experience is through imax 3d....if its really worth the hype then it will definitely be one of the best films ill see if it is anything below my expectations then ill regret seeing it in full price..i hope it will be as good as the reviews ive seen so far.