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NBC is trying to find their modern family both literally and figuratively. With the success that ABC has had with their show “The Modern Family” it seems that over the last two seasons NBC wants to get some of the spotlight creating its own version of a dysfunctional family. Last year we got The New Normal which had a homosexual couples adopting a child from a single mother and including her in the process of raising said child. This year they attempt to find a new audience with Welcome To the Family which centers on two newly High School graduates who decide to get married after discovering they are pregnant.

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Christopher1731d ago

Very surprised Merced rated this so highly. I found it as generic and boring as Dads, which he rated very differently.

The writing in this also bothered me. The father of the daughter is a doctor, yet his mother is the one to suddenly remember the newly pregnant daughter isn't allowed on the roller coaster?