Brooklyn Nine-Nine Review: Go Team

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is the best new comedy on television for two simple reasons:
1.Andy Samberg.
2.Andre Braugher.

Sitcoms are difficult to judge after one episode.,. or sometimes even one season. The best (Parks and Recreation, Community, New Girl) need time to dig into their characters, to learn who plays best with whom, to mine humor from established traits, relationships and flaws.

But Brooklyn Nine-Nine managed to come out of the gate without shooting blanks due to a pair of established stars in ideal roles.

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alycakes1764d ago

I was not impressed with this one. I tried to like it but it was a little over done. They seemed to be trying to hard. It might make it but I have my doubts.

Christopher1763d ago

It wasn't bad. It was better than SNL at least.

I did like that the "uptight captain" remained stern and still put a few jokes in (manscaping, humiliation, etc.).

I'm worried that Terry Crews will be held back way too much in this series when he should be set free to be himself. He's great at physical comedy, and I didn't see that in the first episode. Felt like he had a leash on him the whole time.