The Walking Dead Spinoff Series In The Works

It seems AMC are developing a companion series to their incredibly popular zombie drama show that will introduce new characters, and won't be "tethered by the events of the comic book". Read on for the press release in full..

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MilkMan1768d ago

The Walking Dead is a novelty. The plots are paper thin (actually paper is heavier) and in terms of "all dressed up and nowhere to go?" this show has that in spades, usually spending half a season to deal with the simplest issues.

I know zombies are all the rage, but compare World War Z to this show. In World War Z, you immediately understood that this was a world wide epidemic and the folks that are left are trying to take back what is left of the planet.

These characters in The Walking Dead just want to roam around looking for food and shelter. If I was them, I'd try and find some scientist and try and do what I can to reclaim what was lost.

Entire season in a farm? At times it feels and seems that the writers are trying to come up with things for the characters to do.

In 4 seasons the slightest of character arcs has taken place. One of the most drastic was eliminated in farmville, aka season 2.

Lets see what these guys are gonna do with even more zombies shambling around.

wishingW3L1768d ago

it started well though but it kept getting worse and worse because all the characters that created the tension and drama are now dead. Last season was basically a braindead action series.

ajax171768d ago

Season 1 was great! Then it all went downhill. I honestly don't know why I still watch. I guess I'm waiting for something interesting to happen.

ironfist921768d ago

Theyre running out of characters to die, and shoe-horning new ones

Horny Melon1768d ago

world war z was shit, a retelling of 28 days later. It didn't match the book in anyway save the name. Walking dead is actually closer to the world war z book than world war z the movie.

titletownrelo1767d ago

Yeah exactly! The only way to give War Z justice would be to create a series with a high budget and tell a different story every episode (also continuing others)THAT ACTUALLY FOLLOWS THE BOOK!

jeeves861768d ago

Are you talking WWZ the book, or WWZ the movie? Because one of those lends you a bit of credibility, the other shoots it right in the head.

"...If I was them...."

You'd probably be dead, cause that's usually how these things go when you don't look for food and shelter. You know, the things that keep you alive til tomorrow.

Kurylo3d1768d ago

oh cmon are u kidding? I mean its a lot more in depth then looking for food and shelter. Its a soap opera at the end of the day. Its about the relationships people have with one another and the way their characters change from where they started. The zombies are the icing on the cake because zombies rule.

If you cant see that then your blind.

cell9891768d ago

You talk like they have a military force at their disposal with infinite ammo to "take back what belongs to them" also in world war Z a cure/vaccine exists, a solution. In TWD there is no cure, no resources, no military, no weapons. Only people that were once normal like you and I, looking for food and shelter should be your number one priority on a zombie apocalypse.

Have you even read anything on how to survive a zombie apocalypse?

Soldierone1768d ago

You didn't watch the first season?

First episode showed it was a world wide epidemic by having Rick wake up and go outside.

The next episodes showed how bad it really was.

Once he found the group, the first thing they did was go find a scientist. Once finding him they tried to help figure out ways to fix what went wrong.

This isn't a Hollywood action movie. Its a show with a story.

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TheFutureIsBlue1768d ago

The need to fix the writing in TWD before they start making spinoffs. Breaking Bad says hello.

Soldierone1768d ago

I'm excited for this, but I hope it falls into the gap of the normal show instead of replacing it. It kinda sucks have so few episodes with a break in the middle, then sitting there all summer waiting for more.

I'd gladly watch a new group if its to add to this. Kinda like a B team thing, plus Kirkman can be more creative since he isn't tied to the comics. If the first season is anything like the first season of TWD, it'll be amazing!

kariyanine1768d ago

I'm tentatively optimistic about this. The show has been hit or miss for me as of late, although I thought it ended pretty strongly last season.

jronj1767d ago

I thought TWD lost it's way. Most of last season was just a lead up to the final battle, week after week nothing happened, laziness on the part of the writers.

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