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"Find out in our Riddick review why David Twohy redeemed himself with the last chapter of Vin Diesel's sci-fi adventures."

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Festano1648d ago

I have yet to go see it, but this review has convinced me that it's time to do it.

Alexious1648d ago

Rumor is, Vin Diesel is working with a software house to develop an MMO game in Riddick universe. That would be awesome!

Lord_Sloth1647d ago

Vin Diesel OWNS a software team.

DarkBlood1647d ago

well i heard he is to create a third riddick game, nothing was mention about an mmo

but he has to assemble the team, it didnt sound like he could just call upon them to get them working on it though

JakemanPS319941647d ago

I actually really liked this movie! love the insane violence :P

ceballos77mx1647d ago

katee Sackhoff shower scene worth the whole movie :-)

Blacktric1647d ago


You mean endorsement?