SonyRumors - One Direction: This Is Us Review

SonyRumors Joel Dale writes another colorful review of 'One Direction: This Is Us.' Of course, don't expect this to be your normal take on a film. Instead, Joel has written an open letter to the band:

"Maybe it’s because This Is Us plays more like an extended advertisement than an actual documentary. Or maybe all your fans spent their money on an actual concert and can’t afford to see the movie until the beginning of the month, when they get some more allowance. I really enjoyed getting to meet your families and wish there was more focus on that. I also enjoyed watching how you five boys seem to understand what you’re doing. You’re attractive and talented singers and know that you’re in a manufactured boy band from a TV show and it won’t last forever. Being self-aware made me like you all the more because while your music is ok, I’m not going to buy any. I apologize for that, but I’d love to sit down and chat with you if that helps."

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bebitech1717d ago

Now that's a review that I can stand for such a movie. And it was a fair one, no bashing and no unwarranted praise