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'Avengers' Chris Hemsworth Still Has 'No Idea' What 'Ultron' Is


Chris Hemsworth may have a bit of homework to do before he starts shooting the "Avengers: Age of Ultron," Marvel's highly anticipated sequel due in 2015. Because as the man behind Thor revealed during an interview with MTV News at the Toronto International Film Festival, he isn't exactly familiar with the villain at the center of the upcoming blockbuster.

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alycakes1769d ago

I'm just glad he's going to be on it. There for a while I thought he was out of the second one.

aDDicteD1763d ago

i wasnt familiar as well. im glad marvel is going with villains lesser known and make them a high profile villains because only spiderman and x men characters were very much introduced and is well known especially in the 90's.