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Cinematographer Larry Fong to Shoot Superman/Batman Movie


Though Warner Bros. has not issued a formal announcement on the matter, cinematographer Larry Fong's resume at Worldwide Production Agency has been updated to include his involvement in the upcoming Superman/Batman movie with director Zack Snyder. Fong and Snyder have previously worked together on 300, Watchmen, and Sucker Punch, in addition to a number of music videos. His last two films were Super 8 and Now You See Me.

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alycakes1773d ago

He's really good so we'll see what he does with this one.

ajax171773d ago

Very cool. Nobody can say 300 didn't have epic cinematography. Watchmen and Super 8 were incredible too.

Anthotis1772d ago

Now that Ben "wishes he was jewish" Affleck has been cast as Batman, absolutely nothing can save this movie from being a total disaster.