Fans Upheave: Petitions To Change Casting Of 50 Shades And Batman

Vyralize: I think it’s fairly obvious that the Internet has a huge role to play in the directions movies are going these days.
Not just in films too. There are plenty of big TV shows that specifically (or occasionally) cater to their online fanbase. Some say it’s ‘selling out’, some say it’s just being aware of their audience’s desires. Either way, the entertainment industry is at its essence… entertainment. If you don’t entertain the masses, then who the hell’s going to care?

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Speed-Racer1773d ago

Pfff they should make their own movies if they don't like the actors.

Lord_Sloth1772d ago

I think Affleck will make a good Batman and don't really care what 50 Shades is doing.

Ninte1771d ago

I'll look forward to how ben affleck takes on batman and then we can lol to those who sign that petition.

KingPin1771d ago

instead of this why dont they just ignore it, not go watch the movie and let their wallets do the talking?
lets face it, when has a studio ever re-casted a movie due to an online petition?
but we all know everyone who signs that petition will watch batman/Superman movie anyways. this is just a lame reason for them to pirate it.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1771d ago

becuz most people will pay anyway. cod effect.