Apple Sued For Dividing Breaking Bad Season 5 Into Two Seasons On iTunes

An Ohio man has sued Apple for charging him for “Season Pass” access only to realized it covered the first 8 episodes of season 5 (the first half of the season).

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Speed-Racer1775d ago

That's lame on Apple's part. Everyone knew it was one season.

RetrospectRealm1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

Comment Removed.

Speed-Racer1774d ago

Is this post even over at TechSpy? And nah I didn't lol

StarWarsFan1775d ago

So true. Apple is at fault here. Although, I also blame the production for dividing 16 episodes with an entire year between halves. They may as well have just made two full seasons.

NeloAnjelo1775d ago

They did not receive funding for a full 6th season from AMC. This way they got 4 more episodes.

More breaking bad is a good thing... i don't mind waiting.

DeadManMcCarthy1775d ago

To be honest with you. I really wish the first season was it's full 12 or 13 episodes. The first season didn't even end how they wanted because of writers strike.

Mr_Danski1775d ago

Silly mistake from apple there.

badz1491774d ago

Mistake? You're so naive if you that this is actually a mistake. Rip-off is Apple's middle name!

RE_L_MAYER1774d ago

Lame show I dont know why everyone is obsessed with it

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