Robocop: International Trailer Now Online With New Footage


A new international trailer for Robocop has been released which doesn't look too much different than the first, but may include additional footage. It seems the Robocop trailer has generally been well-received by the fandom, with most stating they are looking forward to it.

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KingPin1775d ago

wheres the gory violence? the limbs blasted off?
if this doesn't have a guy who gets hit with chemical waste that rots his body screaming "heeeelllpppp meeeeeee" this movie is a fail.
and why oh why is he Black? im not a racist but whats wrong with silver?

Crazay1775d ago

Lol. I loved the melting body death. It was awesome.

ScepticTankAvenger1774d ago

Its a trailer. Maybe they'll have a more violent one, like the red band trailers (even though this isn't rated R)

Anthotis1774d ago

What's with that fucking hand?

blackmanone1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

Probably so the "creators" behind this reboot can say how different it is while still being a homage (poorly done).

One of Murphy's hand was blown off in the original so I'm guessing by showing the same hand is still attached it's like waving from being the scenes, "Look guys, we're different! We're new and fresh! Guys? Hello?"

This will do better than dredd, because f**k you, that's why. But no, seriously, it will do marginally better, but that sucks because Dredd was a much more worthy reboot.

wishingW3L1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )



andron6661774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

It won't be better than the original, but it could be ok.

As long as it's not a total write off like Robocop 3, ugh. I actually saw that one at the cinema. I was psyched because I was finally old enough to see 15 rated movies on my own and BAM: Robocop 3....

Edit: And the PG13 is a bit of a let down too. Granted this movie could survive that and they seem to be taking it some other places that could be interesting. But it's probably most for profits. Replace bloody shootouts with cyborg on cyborg action and big explosions and the profits will rise...