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Is DC on the Right Track With The Choices They Have Been Making?

DC have really jumped into the fray now it would seem, trying to cash in on the film fire that is the Marvel franchise’s success. But the question we need to ask is; “Is DC on the right track with the choices it is making in its movies?”

Marvel really does have the market somewhat covered at the moment with all their comic book hero movies that they have done lately, enough so that people are no longer asking whether or not the next movies will be a success but are rather leaning more towards the unspoken acceptance that “IT WILL SUCCEED!”. One must remember though that they started off on shaky ground with some of their earlier works such as the total flop that was Daredevil, Fantastic Four 2 and also the Hulk movie (or movies, depending on who you ask.).

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Fr0zeBud1770d ago

I think who they cast as the other Justice League member's will be the most important.

kal-el1769d ago

Yes, Im looking forward to the casting of The Flash though! maybe Reynolds,maybe Ackles.