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Collider - TIFF 2013: Gravity Review


In the universe, we are so infinitesimal, and that realization is so scary and so beautiful. We’re on this little ball of dirt and water, and we live rich, complex lives, as the vastness of cold, dark space surrounds us. Our problems on Earth feel so insurmountable, and yet they’re nothing compared to the void above. We look up at the sky, and feel wonder, fear, freedom, and despair. With his space-set dramatic thriller Gravity, writer-director Alfonso Cuarón has conjured these emotions in one of the most immersive films I’ve ever seen. Through Cuarón’s movie, we see not only the fearsomeness of space and the awe of our planet, but all of the dazzling effects, breathtaking action, and electric thrills are in service to a sad, moving tale of being trapped by hopelessness and fighting to endure.

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