Breaking Bad Episode 13 “To Hajiilee” Review/Recap | Geeked Out Nation

This is why Breaking Bad is one of the best shows on T.V. it just keeps you invested to the very end. As always the episode opens up where the last episode left off but this time we’re on the other end of the line when Walter calls Todd for his uncles help. But a little bit before Todd gets the phone call we see Lydia paying a visit to Todd and his uncles, and she doesn’t look to happy due to the fact that the product is not up to par as she would like it. And even though the batch is better then before when it comes to purity but it is missing it’s key trade mark blue coloring, which is fine for Todd’s uncles but not for Lydia who is a perfectionist who has no patience. For me it looks like Lydia is not too sure that she made the right decision, so before she leaves, Todd tells her that he could do better which she replies ‘please do because I have a lot riding on you to get this done’.Which leads us to Todd finally getting that phone call from Walter.

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