The Playlist's TIFF Review: 'Can A Song Save Your Life?'

The Playlist:
Though the music industry has undergone a sea change over the last decade, the goal for both major studios and artists remains the same: musicians want to write great songs and put them out into the world, and record labels want to make some money by helping them do it. That being said, these days, the line is sharply drawn between genuine songwriters and visionaries and corporate processed pop stars. Moreover, solo acts or groups no longer need the crumbling machine of the industry to get their work out there and recognized. The internet has more than enough avenues to turn overnight bedroom performers into the next blogosphere buzz act. A&R scouts are a dying breed. But for argument's sake, you'll need to pretend that world of major label nurturing, and the hunt for the next great thing still exists for "Can A Song Save Your Life?"

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