Josh Brolin Confirms Batman Rumors, Wants Ben Affleck's Critics To 'Eat Their Words'

THP: The rumors are true, says Josh Brolin. The "No Country for Old Men" actor really was in the running to play Batman opposite Henry Cavill's Superman in Zack Snyder's upcoming sequel to "Man of Steel."

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-Foxtrot1778d ago


Oh man, this is even worse, he was one of my top three picks for Batman. He would of made such a better Bryce Wayne/Batman then bloody Ben Affleck

I'm not going to eat my words...want to know why, because he will suck. I bet my life savings on it, what will happen is critics/fans will love the film but Affleck will be the one to bring it down and in the end it will be the main criticism about the film.

The only reasons fans are getting so mad about this is because they know that Ben will be sticking around for a long time, it's not a one off thing. Man of Steel sequel, Batman trilogy, Justice League films....he's going to be around too long especially if he does turn out to be crap. What can they do after that though...if they change actors then it's going to look weird.

Lord_Sloth1776d ago

I'll take that bet. Your life savings against my tent.

uncharted561776d ago

He was talking about idiots like you. There was a reason Ben was hired for a character like Batman after Bale. Give the guy a chance before you write him off. Everyone has good movies and bad ones. He has matured as a actor and director maybe he can bring something to the table. Wait for a trailer before you go off again.

-Foxtrot1776d ago how mature are you

He was hired mostly because Ben Affleck won big at the Oscars for Argo and they thought he would be better to advertise the film with and draw in a crowd then people more suitable like Josh here.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx1776d ago

I'm not against Affleck but I would have loved to see Brolin take a shot at the caped crusader. By the time Affleck's done with it, Brolin will be too old. :( But thinking about it now, Brolin would be perfect for a villain like Black Mask, Deathstroke, or Two-face. :D In fact, seeing Brolin as villain would be epic!!

Personally, I think Affleck will do great, Micheal Keaton and Christian Bale got alot of crap for their casting, and they went on to master the role.

uncharted561776d ago

Yes because calling someone an idiot or criticizing is now being immature. SMH at you man. And how do you know that they hired him for the reason you specified for I say a multi million dollar movie which also will be greatly hyped after the dark knight trilogy and the superman reboot. Maybe they had a screentest where he blew them away or maybe your reason is right, nonethless my point is give it a chance. Dont judge something based on one look because the end result might make you a fan of Afflick as batman.

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hazelamy1776d ago

i'm not one of those people who think Affleck will be awful as Batman, but damn, i can't help wishing i'd get to see Brolin's version.

Anthotis1776d ago

Devastating news. Brolin would've been perfect for the role.

I really hope something happens so we at least don't see Ben Affleck's potato face wear the cowl.