The First Trailer for RoboCop is Here

Columbia Pictures has revealed the first trailer for Jose Padilha's upcoming RoboCop remake. Check it out below!

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Crazay1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

Anyone catch the nod to the original movie? At least they acknowledge it.

I will admit that it looks like it could be better than I or most ever thought it would be. ED-209 looks simply badass here.

and sweet jeebus, that's the fastest I've ever seen something approved here.

Anthotis1507d ago

All i noticed was how it looks like complete and utter shit.

gaffyh1506d ago

Actually, it doesn't look that bad. Way better than I was expecting, enough for me to give it a chance.

mcstorm1506d ago

I don't think it looks that bad. A darker Robocop could work. Im willing to give it a chance.

badz1491506d ago!

ATi_Elite1506d ago

1. Good job in the NOD to the Original Robocop.
2. movie looks like it could actually be GOOD
3. Michael keaton "Lets make it Black" didn't he say that in Batman?
4. Gary Oldman...another Batman (Dark Knight) actor, Hmmm something is fishy here.
5. Samuel Jackson, well I know some good one liners are coming
6. looking forward to the Robocop remake after the HORRIBLE Total Recall remake.

jordan84451507d ago

I have the screenplay. It's straight garbage. Review here:

aDDicteD1507d ago

the trailer looks very promising, it might be even better than dredd i think. the original version was a very classic film and hard to beat. the only thing i dont like in the new film is that he got an accident and they transformed him to robocop while in the old film he was tortured by criminals and i think that is a more superior version.

LOL_WUT1507d ago

Man that scene was brutal he gets his hand and arm blown off thanks to Paul Verhoeven for making it bloody as always. ;)

The trailer look promising I wish they would've went with the grey outfit seen in the trailer.

ironfist921507d ago

Well then. Looks better than expected, but lacks personality imo. Reminds of Total Recall and how they botched that up.

Im liking the presence of the original grey/silver suit though.

Sandmano1507d ago

"Dead or alive your coming with me" Doesnt look as bad as I thought, pretty good cast too.

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The story is too old to be commented.