New Intel on Burn Notice's Final Episodes and the Big Finale Death: 'Nothing Can Prepare You'

TV Line:
What you’ve been watching unspool on USA Network’s Burn Notice in recent weeks is pretty much on par with what series creator Matt Nix had in mind when he first pondered how the spy drama would one day conclude.

“What Michael (played by Jeffrey Donovan) has been going through this season, in dealing with James Kendrick (John Pyper-Ferguson) and his organization, was in my mind from maybe not the pilot but that first year,” Nix shared with TVLine during a conference call. “I had a sense that we needed to land in a place that wasn’t just about Michael fighting another bad guy but was really about Michael wrestling with the demons in himself and tempted in a way to become the very thing that destroyed him in the beginning of the series.”

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alycakes1748d ago

I'm on pins and needles about this one. I personally don't want it to be Michael but for some reason...I think it could be him that meets his death at the end. If they want to do a spinoff, they wouldn't kill Jessie and Sam. I don't think it would be Fiona either and there would be nothing to the story to kill of Maddie the mother (who would care for the little boy?).