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Batman Gets A Love Interest in ‘Man Of Steel 2′


Batman is such a player!

We all assume since this is after all a sequel to Man Of Steel 2, that Bruce Wayne is going to try to pull a robbery on Clark Kent Jersey Shore style and bag Lois Lane. If you think about it, it is kind of on the nose and well, that ain’t screenwriter David Goyer’s style. I mean Bruce Wayne could end up at least flirting in a scene or two with Lois Lane but, Bruce has another woman on his mind. Yes, the Goddamn Batman is going to have a love interest.

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jordan84451720d ago

C'mon, man. Batman needs to be a brooding loner. This is especially unneccesary when he's forced to share screentime with someone as big as Superman.

Lord_Sloth1719d ago

Zatanna, Diana, or Andrea are the only options I'll accept. XXXD

Anthotis1719d ago

It just gets worse an worse..

ironfist921719d ago

Wasnt this movie supposed to be about Superman?