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Scarlett Johansson Is A Seductive Alien In The Mind-Bending Under The Skin Teaser Trailer


What just happened? The simple answer: that was a teaser trailer for director Jonathan Glazer’s third feature, the sci-fi psychological thriller Under the Skin. The more complicated answer involves me shrugging in a number of comical ways. Adapted from Michel Faber’s unsettling 2001 debut novel of the same name, the film centers on Isserley (Scarlett Johansson), a woman who takes a journey through Scotland preying upon big burly hitchhikers. She’s not just any old female captor, however. She’s an extraterrestrial in human form, and she uses sex to bait her victims. And while that subject matter is told in an interesting way on the page, it looks like Glazer has created something that could rival the feelings that Faber’s words impart.

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Crazay1779d ago

***blink blink*** o.0

What the hell was that?!? It didn't make any sense at all.

aDDicteD1775d ago

one of the wierdest trailers i have seen. i looks like a total waste of time.