Marvel Studios Eyeing Tom Hiddleston Loki Movie

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If there is any character in the Marvel Studios treasure chest deserving of a movie it has to be Loki, played by Tom Hiddleston. Tom Hiddleston, a 32-year-old Westminster, UK native, was cast as the diabolical trickster in Thor four years ago having previously worked with director Kennth Branagh in Wallander.

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Crazay1750d ago

feels like a logical spinoff to me. He's got such a big following I can't see it doing anything but printing cash.

Genki1750d ago

I doubt that there's a shred of truth to this, but IF there were, it wouldn't surprise me. Hiddleston is easily the most popular actor in the franchise after RDJ, but I fail to see where they could take the story. Aside from that, his fate after Thor:TDW remains to be seen.

RedHawkX1750d ago

im tired of loki and others are to. yeah people made gifs about him because he was in the avengers and the main villian but they dont want to see him anymore. he was the main villian in the biggest hero movie of all time what you think people wouldnt be like hey that was cool. but they dont want to see him again. he is no joker. im actually kind of pissed hes in the new thor movie taking up screen time with his wack powers. we already know thor and others can beat his weak tail.

Crazay1750d ago

I'm with you to a degree. We've now seen him as the primary bad guy for 2 movies, it's time to move on from him in that respect but I wouldn't mind seeing him as the Anti-hero of sorts in a film of his own.

DarkBlood1750d ago

I Would definitly go see this if they make that movie.