Could Ben Affleck Direct A Better Batman Trilogy Than Christopher Nolan?

CB: In a previous article, we raised the issue of if Ben Affleck could be a better Batman than Christian Bale, based on comments Kevin Smith made in one of his podcasts, suggesting that Ben Affleck could overcome some issues in Bale’s performances. Now, we take it a step further and ask, “Can Ben Affleck direct a better Batman trilogy than Christopher Nolan?”

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RetrospectRealm1783d ago

It would definitely be good since the dude has directed some of the best films from 2000-2010.

darklordzor1782d ago

I think Affleck is a great director and can tell a wonderful story, I just don't think he's on the same level as Nolan. It's two different styles of filmmaking and I think Nolan's is better suited to the superhero/sci-fi genre.

Lord_Sloth1773d ago

I'm just gonna point out that I would never get to see Clayface or Mr. Freeze in the Nolanverse because he didn't want to make it seem unrealistic at all.

Leio1781d ago

Nolans direction can be match however i sincerely doubt Ben can be able to put together the scripts Nolan had.

jordan84451781d ago

Nolan's Batman movies are profusely overrated.

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