10 Shows To Watch Out For: Fall 2013

Vyralize: Every time the fall listing for new shows comes out, I’m overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choices I have. Sure, about 40% of them will be filtered out by year’s end, but who’s to say you won’t enjoy them while they last? Here’s a couple of shows that I think you should keep an eye out for, they might just be that one you’ll fall in love with and become fiercely loyal to for the unforeseeable future.

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Parapraxis1784d ago

None of these shows, aside from Hello Ladies, look even remotely interesting.

Section81784d ago

What the hell is wrong with you? Not interesting?? Intelligence, Almost Human and Sleepy Hollow can hold their own. What this author neglected was The Walking Dead,Revolution, Agents of Shield, Crossbones, Arrow,The Blacklist and Person of Interest.
If hello ladies is what gets your attention, then you have a very shallow mind.