Paul Giamatti To Star In FX Comedic Drama Pilot Based On Charles Willeford's Novels

Hoke, a darkly comedic drama starring Paul Giamatti, has received a pilot order at FX. Based on Charles Willeford‘s series of novels Sideswipe, New Hope For The Dead and The Way We Die Now, the project was written by feature scribe Scott Frank, who will direct the pilot and he will be showrunner if Hoke goes to series. Hoke is a story of mid-life crisis and murder that features the hardboiled and possibly insane homicide detective Hoke Moseley (Giamatti) in pre-chic Miami circa 1985. Giamatti, Frank, Curtis Hanson, Carol Fenelon and Dan Carey executive produce for FX Prods. Filming is scheduled to begin later this year in Miami. “Like Elmore Leonard, Charles Willeford is one of the most deeply respected writers of crime fiction and he created a wholly original and colorful lead character in Detective Hoke Mosely,” said FX president of original programming Eric Schrier.

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alycakes1930d ago

Sounds like something I would watch. FX has pretty good shows. There has only been a couple that I have not liked so far.

tristanwerbe1930d ago

FX, and AMC seem to be the best to me

SouthClaw1929d ago

I love FX they seem to be amazing at picking up shows that just feel so rich in their universe.

AMC is a lot like it however I feel that a lot of FX shows go under the radar and become cult shows that people find out slightly too late. Not saying that their viewer numbers arnt high just that they are no where near publicized globally as something like "The Office" or "The Walking Dead". Some of my fav shows are FX shows.

For me in recent years the 3 networks that have really shown some original programing are FX, AMC and USA network.

tristanwerbe1929d ago

Basically for me it is

NBC during the fall cause of person of intrest