Chris O’Donnell On ‘Batfleck’ Casting

ETC: NCIS: LA star Chris O’Donnell had his turn as Robin in the ‘90s Batman Forever and Batman & Robin flicks and we’ve got his take on Warner Bros’ latest Batman casting announcement.

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Anthotis1785d ago ShowReplies(2)
wishingW3L1785d ago

get this dude Affleck out of here!

Tiqila1784d ago

will not watch if affleck plays the batman.

Tiqila1784d ago

Daredevil. Nuff said.

darklordzor1784d ago

Because no other actor has ever had bad movies, including Christian Bale?

Tiqila1784d ago

no, but most of the good ones (like christian bale) have only made few bad ones. ben affleck makes bad ones only with a few good ones as exception to the rule.

that is arguable, I just dont think he is up to the role of batman. He is not frightend, does not fit.