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Director Joss Whedon Shows His Support For Ben Affleck As Batman

CBM: While fanboys keep there hatred for Ben Affleck as the Dark Knight flowing, Avengers director Joss Whedon gives his two cents on the matter. Hit the jump to check it out!

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RetrospectRealm1790d ago

Finally someone agrees. Joss is a very smart man.

coolbeans1788d ago (Edited 1788d ago )

I don't know...someone being paid by Marvel (currently) to express approval to a decision the population has mixed feelings about made with one of DC's franchises?


Hergula1789d ago

Whedon knows what he is talking about.

KingPin1789d ago

actually, id like to see this as well.
give the guy a chance.
i remember the flak ledger got when he got announced as the joker. brokeback batman, etc etc. we know how that ended.
also anne hathaway as cat woman, people thought she couldn't pull it off. princess diaries in batman? yeah right. i thought she was awesome.
now this...people need to learn to chill out. i don't think ben was picked on his reputation alone. im sure he AUDITIONED for the part like most actors do before getting picked for a role. and im sure he did something in that audition that makes him right for the part for them to wanna use him.

wishingW3L1788d ago

he already had his chance with Daredevil which is a very similar to Batman. A rich guy that lost his parents and sight and became a vigilante.

tristanwerbe1788d ago

This dude insulted the empire strikes back

Lord_Sloth1788d ago

Who did and how is that relevant to Batfleck?

wishingW3L1788d ago

that he has awful taste....

krazykombatant1788d ago

what a stupid choice for batman. Ben affleck will the person beating up Henry Cavill what a joke.

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