Haven Exclusive: Kate Kelton on "Bad Ass" Return of Jordan McKee

On the Haven Season 3 finale, it looked as though we may never see Jordan McKee again... but SURPRISE and SPOILER ALERT: Jordan is very much alive and well, as viewers will learn on the September 13 return of this Syfy favorite.

And, as actress Kate Kelton told me, Jordan will have a little bit of revenge and anger on her mind when we see her again.

In an exclusive chat with the star, Kelton told me about when she found out she’d be returning to the series, what we can expect in the romance department for Jordan and how McKee really feels about Audrey.

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alycakes1795d ago

Stephen King has some good shows but this is one that I have really gotten into. I think it's too short and they should make it a regular series with 22-24 episodes. Very interesting and a lot of action, suspense and drama.