Top 10 Actors That Should Play Batman Over Ben Affeck

So with Ben Affleck being chosen as batman I felt the need to let you guys knows who I felt should have been cast as the cape crusader. I love Ben Affleck as a director and to quote Jay from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back “Affleck you were the bomb in Phantoms, Yo!” That being said I felt that it was not the best ideal choice for Affleck to take on the famous role of Bruce Wayne. Not because I feel he is not a good actor or because he is wrong for the part. It’s because he was Daredevil and that did not turn out well for Affleck in the Box Office and in the eyes of critics.

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darklordzor1766d ago

Yes, we all know that Daredevil was bad, but considering the amazing films Affleck has come out with since, I think we're safe here.

iamnsuperman1765d ago

I agree. This has been blown out of proportion. Daredevil was 10 years ago. Affleck has matured as an actor and has done some wonderful roles that at first glance may not of suited him.

I think the big issue people should worry about is that a sequel to Man of Steel is getting a big character like Batman in it (in an important role). Seems they are just ploughing at 100mph getting a justice league movie going. I bet the man of steel 3 would be a justice league movie