Walking Dead's Steven Yeun Calls Glenn a "Wild Card"

AMC's The Walking Dead will return to our lives in a few months (Sunday, October 13th), but if you're chomping at the bit to see, um, undead things chomps on people's bits, then you can buy The Walking Dead: The Complete Third Season Blu-ray when it becomes available next Tuesday, August 27th.

Last season was all about the Prison vs. Woodbury. Rick vs. The Governor. Michonne vs. Dialogue. And in the midst of it, Steven Yeun's Glenn found himself in a rough part of town, dealing with Merle and the Governor's goon squad.

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alycakes1791d ago

I don't know how lucky he's going to be this next season. The trailers make it look like no one is going to have much luck at all.

tristanwerbe1789d ago

walking dead needs at most 7 seasons, with Rick being the only one that can not die by then, once he dies i will refuse to watch the show

ironfist921789d ago (Edited 1789d ago )

Theyre killing off too many characters, theres only like 4 people from season 1 left, and theyre shoe horning more characters in so that they can be killed off later on.

It feels more like a reality contestant show tbh.

I miss Shane and Dale

ajax171789d ago

It seems like a lot of the characters have been wild cards lately.

noxeven1788d ago

they changed it so much from the comics, andrea is still alive as of 113 issues. Dale didnt even die till i think 60 issues in but its been a while. Honestly though show is great in many ways but I really wish they had kept dale over hersha due to his upcoming cannibals if they follow the comic but I know they pretty much wont