And The Title Of Pirates of the Caribbean Will Be…

As the OTHER billion dollar Disney franchise opening in 2015, it was only a matter of time before Pirates of the Caribbean 5 set port at a new title. And here it is...Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

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DarkBlood1792d ago

that title is awfully familiar lol

ironfist921791d ago

Terrible title, too long, and conflicts with Dead Man's Chest.

Shouldve just been POTC: 'Tell No Tales'

krazykombatant1791d ago

Could Depp milk this cash cow any longer? Jesus!

DarkBlood1791d ago

you were hoping he'd just say no to it?

aDDicteD1782d ago

not going to watch this one out in theaters, i cannot believe they messed up this franchise, the first 2 was great, the third one was not but at least it wrapped things up, the fourth was a bit not necessary but better than the third. but making a fifth one seriously is not a good idea.