5 Rules For Making A Successful Young Adult Adaptation

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When the "Twilight" franchise wrapped up its five-movie reign of terror last year, it had amassed more than $3 billion in box office receipts, firmly solidifying its place as one of the larger cultural events of the past decade. It also made Hollywood desperate to find the next "Twilight," with studios searching high and low for a series of young adult novels with the same romantic punch and kicky entertainment value of the Stephanie Meyer books on which the movies are based. Besides the wild success of last year's "The Hunger Games" (the sequel comes out this fall), the studios are still frantically searching for the next big thing. The latest contestant for a young adult crossover blockbuster is this weekend's "The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones," which concerns both demons and angels (and, like "Twilight," still manages to include vampires and werewolves). But does it have what it takes?

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alycakes1795d ago

It must work because they always seem to make it at the box office.