TVF Major Crimes Review: Fifteen Minutes of Fame

'Poster Boy' was an essay about what can happen when a reality show reveals the promise of fame to an everyday Joe, one who is faced with emotional issues and clinging to that as hope of escape. But the reality turns out to be there is no escape via the entertainment medium, even if it seems to be their only way out.

The best part of Major Crimes finale was seeing the white board with "Suspect - (Nut Job)" written on it. That's not high praise, and I know I'll take a beating for feeling this way.

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alycakes1795d ago

I don't agree with the rating but to each his own. This was a good episode and although I don't agree with the way they found out about Rusty's letters...I'm glad Sharon knows now. I can't wait for the return in November to see what happens now.