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Disney's The Sword in the Stone Blu-Ray Review (Cinelinx)

The Sword in the Stone is celebrating it's 50th Anniversary with a special blu-ray release of the film. Cinelinx got their hands on the remastered film to help you decide whether it's worth adding to your shelf.

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tristanwerbe1798d ago

the movies a classic but at least a 8

darklordzor1798d ago

I agree as far as the film goes, it's a great movie! I think his review is solely about the quality of the blu-ray itself, and not the actually quality of the film.

tristanwerbe1798d ago

gotcha that must be a bad blu ray

darklordzor1798d ago

Yeah, I got it too and it's not a very good transfer. Kind of a bummer considering how good the movie is, but I guess it's better than not have it at all.