‘Breaking Bad’ Episode 10 “Buried” Recap/Review| GeekedOutNation

The episode starts where we see the results of what Jessie did by throwing his money out like a delivery boy but a lot more of him later. The really story picks up immediately after the last episode left off. After Hank finds out that Walter is not willing to come on his own so Hank does the next best thing call the wife that always works right? well not in this case Skyler sticks by her man, in seasons past Hank may have had convince Skyler to go against Walter but not this time because she is just too deep in it to back out now. Now I a lot of fans of the show hate Skyler but me I just find her to be very irritating. But I have to give her credit here she held the fort down by not being one of the keys to bring Walter down. But Hank try’s his best effort to try to bring Skyler to join him, but when you think about it Skyler has much to lose to because it’s only so much she can say without implicating herself so Skyler does the best thing she can do say nothing. And I always said that the back and forth between Hank and Walter is a chess match, because Hank not only tries to convince Skyler to come on board the justice train and when that fails he brings his own wife to try to get Skyler to change her mind but to no avail better luck next time. But that next may come soon enough later in the episode

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