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New X-Men: Days if Future Past Still Featuring Wolverine, Charles Xavier & Hank McCoy


Featuring Hugh Jackman's Wolverine, James McAvoy's Charles Xavier and Nicolas Hoult's Hank McCoy, a brand new image from 20th Century Fox's X-Men: Days Of Future Past has found its way online.

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Crazay1792d ago

I predict, we get a massive trailer reveal in time for either the Hobbit or we get stuck waiting until Superbowl. Either way I can't wait to see much more of this.

hazelamy1792d ago

why is Hank not blue?

have they got the image inducers they used in the comics for this movie?

why would he be using it there?
it's only needed in public.

and dayum, that's what passed for fashion in the 70s? ^_^