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Jeremy of The Daily Rotation wrote, "Steve Jobs is one of the most influential people to ever grace the world of technology. His skills as a game-changing entrepreneur helped alter the everyday world that we live in. Jobs is a movie about Steve’s early life and how he eventually started up Apple, got fired and then eventually rehired. Jobs is a film about Apple’s history and Steve’s temper and inability to work well with others. Jobs is also a misfire of emotions, rarely showing us the real Steve Jobs and instead showing us what we’ve already read a million times before in the newspapers and magazines. Joshua Michael Stern‘s biopic is a lengthy exploration not of a man and his legacy, but of his already known achievements and how he accomplished a few of them."

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Crazay1800d ago

A movie about one of the worlds biggest DBags was bound to suck. I'm happy to see my initial thoughts in that movie were totally accurate

blackmanone1798d ago

According to the movie Jobs was a saint. Yeah, that's how ridiculous this movie is.

I understand that he was a master businessman, but the man stole all his best ideas from the Woz, and this movie really should have talked more about that. Instead it feels like one big Apple commercial.

Crazay1798d ago

Well played dude. Also, I;m willing to bet the one disagree came from a troll who lurks here who is also very likely a massive fan of all things CrApple and Steve Jobs who from all accounts was one of the biggest aholes in technology