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Review: Kick Ass 2 [VersusTheScreen]

After viewing Kick Ass 2, VersusTheScreen's Kevin O'Donnell had this to say:

"I'm not disappointed in Kick Ass 2 as a critic or a blogger, I'm disappointed in Kick Ass 2 as a fan. I wanted to jump back into that world, rejoin those characters and experience the charm that captured me two years ago. Instead, I was left wanting, let down and a little bit offended."

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kevinodonnell911795d ago

OK, fellow cinema-goers, what did you all think of Kick Ass 2? Were you as disappointed as me or did you like it?

Deku-Johnny1794d ago

Wow, 3? It wasn't quite as the first one but I thought it was excellent. It deserves at least 4 or 5 points more than this review gives it. If you're a fan of the comic you're sure to be a fan of the film.

kevinodonnell911794d ago

First and foremost, thanks for the comment!

I do, however, disagree. I adored the first film and am a fan of Mark Millar but he is susceptible to taking things too far - something that I think he did with the Kick Ass 2 comic book which I didn't care for. This film, although less offensive, still comes off as vulgar and juvenile with much of the swearing feeling forced and many of the gags just try to shock. It let the whole film down for my money.

Deku-Johnny1794d ago

The only thing that really did bother me was the part in the cafeteria. That would have been funnier if the girls had have just run away and the film implied they were running to the toilet with diarrhoea rather than making you watch it. If that scene was edited I'd say it was almost on level with the first film. But yeah I can imagine the vulgarity putting a lot of people off.

TwistedMetal1794d ago

this film is getting bad reviews everywhere you guys need to stop sugar coating it and just say its not good as the first and is not a very good movie. no one wants to waste there time going to the cinema for this so just be honest on how bad it is.

hit girl is the only reason to see this movie for those perverts out there.

also nick cage and younger hit girl made the last movie what it was. cage was a beast fighting all them dudes. he was better then batman lol.